More Than a Community

A Welcoming Church at the Heart of South Ruislip

St Mary's is more than a community, a gathering, or a place. St Mary's Church is the beating heart of South Ruislip where people encounter what it means to be authentically human. At St Mary's, individuals experience what dreams and hopes God has planned for them. As a Church of England parish, St Mary's welcomes everyone - whether a regular church goer or not - to discover what God has in store for their lives.


The face of God - Jesus Christ - is at the heart of this parish church. In Christ, we know that to live is to aspire for the Truth - Truth that is expressed in divinely inspired Scripture and in the timeless teachings and holy tradition of the Church. Trying to live without reaching for the Truth ultimately leads to relativism, narcissism, and nihilism. In contrast, the Truth sets us free.

In pursuit of this mission for Truth, St Mary's is aligned with catholic (universal) teaching in faith, doctrine, and morals. The parish is a member of Forward in Faith and is under the pastoral care of the Bishop of Fulham and clergy of The Society.

St Mary's welcomes everyone to participate in the parish's shared pursuit for Truth, to find Christ, and to discover what it means to be authentically human and free!

From the time of the earthly ministry of Jesus, the followers of Jesus have been warned about having to carry their own cross. All through the ages, up to our present day, Christians have suffered persecution, harassment, and discrimination for following the teachings of Jesus and attempting to live faithful lives that glorify God. Now in our own age and place - 21st century Britain - Christianity and its timeless values are once again misunderstood and unpopular within mainstream, secular culture. 

At St Mary's, we are unafraid to live differently - to go against the flow of mainstream, secular culture. We do so to be living witnesses of what is possible with God's grace. God has called each and every person to live for the ultimate attainment: a life that is perfectly united with God - where sin (and death) no longer threaten to separate us from the gift of eternal life.

To find out more about the call to live out our authentic purpose, join St Mary's in the beauty of true worship and speak with one of the clergy after the service. 

Speaking up for the Right to Life

Followers of Jesus have for two thousand years held to a consistent life ethic, especially for the most vulnerable and innocent of all human life, life in the womb. In voicing the inalienable right to life for the unborn, as well as for the mentally ill, elderly, and the criminally convicted, St Mary's goes against the flow of popular opinion. In spite of the prevailing mainstream culture that views human life as disposable, Jesus Christ teaches that all human life is made in the image of God, and thus all human life is priceless.

Pray for the protection of all human life. Advocate for the vulnerable. Keep up-to-date on this most basic human right at Right to Life UK.

Living out an Anthropology of Creation

The true purpose of being human is not to serve as a consumer, but to be human. And yet our modern, Western culture encourages a consumerist mentality in how we we shape our lives, by advocating the primacy of personal choice above the natural order of being human. The Church has always taught that to be authentically ourselves we must embrace the authentic purpose of our creation. This purpose is revealed in Scripture, Tradition, and the Teaching Doctrine (Magesterium) of the Church.

Pray that the lives of men and women may reflect the design of the Creator in their complementarity of man and woman, in respecting the biological givenness of nature as men and women, and in the holy gifts of marriage and family life as taught by the Church as immutable Truth. For a beautiful video series of humanity's cosmic purpose, watch the Humanum Series.