More Than a Community

A Welcoming Church at the Heart of South Ruislip

St Mary's is more than a community, a gathering, or a place. St Mary's Church is the beating heart of South Ruislip where people encounter what it means to be authentically human. At St Mary's, individuals experience what dreams and hopes God has planned for them. As a Church of England parish, St Mary's welcomes everyone - whether a regular church goer or not - to discover what God has in store for their lives.


The face of God - Jesus Christ - is at the heart of this parish church. In Christ, we know that to live is to aspire for the Truth - Truth that is expressed in divinely inspired Scripture and in the timeless teachings and holy tradition of the Church. Trying to live without reaching for the Truth ultimately leads to relativism, narcissism, and nihilism. In contrast, the Truth sets us free.

In pursuit of this mission for Truth, St Mary's is aligned with catholic (universal) teaching in faith, doctrine, and morals. The parish is a member of Forward in Faith and is under the pastoral care of the Bishop of Fulham and clergy of The Society.

St Mary's welcomes everyone to participate in the parish's shared pursuit for Truth, to find Christ, and to discover what it means to be authentically human and free!

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9 The Fairway, Ruislip HA4 0SP, UK

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