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The Parish Church for South Ruislip

St Mary's stands in the sacred centre of South Ruislip. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of South Ruislip - the school runs, the work commute, the errands, the stopping-in-to-see-a-neighbour-for-a-cup-of-tea - St Mary's is a sanctuary of peace and quiet. It is a place that is always open for the people of South Ruislip (and beyond!) to step in for a renewed and fresh perspective on life.

For generations, the walls of St Mary's have witnessed the joys of weddings and the sorrows of funerals. Countless people from all walks of life have entered St Mary's to mark the biggest milestones of what it means to be human. This legacy of Christ-like hospitality continues at St Mary's as St Mary's adapts to the circumstances brought on by the current pandemic. Through the best of times and worst of times, St Mary's will always stand ready to provide the people of South Ruislip (and beyond) a warm welcome and the peace of God.

Above the Clouds

'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.'

Jesus Christ (from the Gospel of Matthew 4:4)

Building Renewal Update - All Services are Now at St Gregory the Great Roman Catholic Church

St Mary's is in the middle of planning a massive project to repair and improve the church building. While the main part of the building is closed to public entry, all St Mary's public services (Sundays and weekdays) are being held at St Gregory the Great Roman Catholic Church (HA4 0EG). See weekly service times below. There is no booking system. All are welcome!

The front entrance of St Mary's (the Baptistry) is still open throughout the week for the lighting of candles and private prayer.

Weekly Public Services
all at St Gregory's, HA4 0EG)

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Holy Communion


Family Mass with Choir


main church



Evening Prayer





Priest Holding Book




& Friday

Morning Prayer





Rebuild St Mary's!

Your chance to help refurbish the church building of St Mary's 

St Mary's iconic sixty-year old building is need of renewal. In November 2019, a small amount of loose asbestos was detected falling from the ceiling of the church nave. In abundance of caution, the main portion of the building was closed for public access, but regular public worship and community activities (all within Covid guidelines) continue in the Church Hall.


St Mary's has had specialized architects and consultants study and examine the building. The church is now ready for refurbishment. To fully refurbish, asbestos must be extracted from the ceiling, followed by structural improvements to the building's infrastructure. This will be an enormous undertaking, but with the support of the local community and wider networks, this will become one of the most successful and significant building projects achieved in South Ruislip for a generation!


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